First post…first run?

So is this really my first run? Am I really posting about my first run? Hell nah.  This about me getting back in the game. So I’m already a fairly experienced runner. Started in high school 14 years ago, I’ve ran 4 half marathons, 1 marathon, a crapton of 5ks, little 50 (if you don’t know then don’t ask 😉), beer miles, and tons of other stupid stuff. Then I started clinicals. Fucking clinicals. In physical therapy this amounts to being free labor while finishing your degree. But you still have to pay the bills right? So I worked at a local running store (cliches abound) 30 hours a week too for good measure. Why not? Unfortunately that didnt leave much time to run. Well now I want back in the game.

 I’m in horrible shape, and I ran and worked out today and man did that sucks. I ran 3 freaking miles and did a bodyweight workout. But you know what? I might be tired, but it felt good to get back out again. It’s a different kind of feeling when you can feel that tired, exhaustive feeling in the army morning again because you ran your tail off. It’s the feeling all of us search for; this inner peace thing people keep talking about. It’s pretty cool actually, and all day I’ve been vibing on it. So hopefully this keeps going and I can wake my ass up at 5am before I treat other people and tell them how to run…


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